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    アプリ: 1.MoonXBTにログインする 2左上のプロフィールアイコンをクリックする   3."セキュリティセンター "をクリック       4."編集 "をクリック 5.情報を入力 

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    MoonXBT Top-up Carnival, share in 180,000 USDT!

    Dear MoonXBT Cryptonaut: Greetings!   To show appreciation for the trust and support of global MoonXBT users, we are holding the "Top-up Carnival" event. You can receive high rewards by depositing ...

  • MoonXBT-Supportさんが記事を作成しました:

    MoonXBT Referral Program is live! All platform services are back in action!

    Dear MoonXBT Cryptonaut: Greetings!   MoonXBT's update is now complete, and all functions, such as opening & closing positions, K-line, deposits & withdrawals, and search, are fully operational.   ...

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    Please note: The price of the OP/USDT trading pair will be displayed in four decimal places!  

    Dear MoonXBT Cryptonaut: Greetings!   To provide users with a better trading experience and lower trading spreads. MoonXBT will adjust the price of the Liquid Contract OP/USDT trading pair at 07:00...

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    Reverse the bear market, three tips to help you preserve your capital and profit, perhaps make a million?

    The cryptocurrency market bear market has been going on for a long time, and the news of the Federal Reserve rate hike has added to the downturn. According to MoonXBT exchange data at the time of w...

  • MoonXBT-Supportさんが記事を作成しました:

    Traders with open positions, please note: MoonXBT will suspend service from 03:00-6:00 (UTC) on June 21st.

    Dear MoonXBT Cryptonaut: Greetings!   MoonXBT will suspend service from 03:00 on June 21st to 06:00 on June 21st (UTC).  We expect the whole process to last 3 hours. While underway, opening & closi...

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    Why did my ROR change?  

    ROR= TOTAL PROFIT & LOSS / MAX MARGIN Calculate all the profit & losses from all the copy orders you placed from the time you become a trader and then divide it by the max margin. Make sure that...

  • MoonXBT-Supportさんが記事を作成しました:

    I want to delete my account? What should I do?

    The account can only be disabled but not deleted. If you want to disable your account, please send us a request. Kindly follow the instructions below and send us an email request at support@moonxbt...

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    現物、流動性契約、オプション取引:   MoonXBTユーザーは、新しいユーザーをプラットフォームに紹介することで、コミッションを獲得することができます。新規ユーザーがMoonXBTの現物、契約、オプション市場で取引すると、紹介をしたユーザーがコミッションを受け取れるようになります。紹介リンクをし使用してお友達を招待し、3つの異なるマーケットからコミッションを得ることができます。友人があなた...

  • MoonXBT-Supportさんが記事を作成しました:

    OP/USDT trading pair is officially launched!

    Dear MoonXBT Cryptonauts: Greetings!   OP/USDT spot trading pair and contract trading pair are officially launched on June 1st, 2022. MoonXBT is the world’s first trading platform to support OP con...