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MoonXBT-Support님의 최근 활동
  • MoonXBT-Support님이 에 문서를 만듦

    MoonXBT USDT Perpetual Contract has launched  ETHW/USDT Trading pair!

    Dear MoonXBT Cryptonauts: Greetings!   MoonXBT USDT Perpetual Contract launched  ETHW/USDT trading pair on September 26, 2022. Get ready for our new pairs to blast off! The details of ETHW/USDT con...

  • MoonXBT-Support님이 에 문서를 만듦

    The 2022 FOOTBALL Token subscription is hot! Share 100,000 USDT!

    The 2022 World Cup is coming! MoonXBT, like all fans, has been looking forward to the 2022 World Cup for a long time! After months of research and development, we successfully launched 2022 FOOTBAL...

  • MoonXBT-Support님이 에 문서를 만듦

    ETHW/USDT trading pair is officially launched!

    Dear MoonXBT Cryptonauts: Greetings!   ETHW/USDT liquid contract trading pair is officially launched on September 21st, 2022.   The details of ETHW/USDT contract trading are as follows: Categor...

  • MoonXBT-Support님이 에 문서를 만듦

    MoonXBT is going to launch ETHW/USDT Liquid Contract trading pair!

    Dear MoonXBT Cryptonaut: Greetings   MoonXBT is going to launch the Liquid Contract trading pair ETHW/USDT. ETHW is the fork token of ETH, a new token after the merge of ETH. ETHW/USDT will be list...

  • MoonXBT-Support님이 에 문서를 만듦

    How to win MoonXBT World Cup prizes?

    Choose a team or teams that you like. The better your teams play, the more you can win.  Let’s say you choose Brazil. So buy the tokens of Brazil. The more you buy, the more you can win. Check h...

  • MoonXBT-Support님이 에 문서를 만듦

    What is Auto-Deleverage (ADL) for MoonXBT perpetual contracts?

    The MoonXBT liquidation system will be taken over positions when the trader's position triggers a forced liquidation. If the liquidity of the current futures market is insufficient to fill the liqu...

  • MoonXBT-Support님이 에 문서를 만듦

    What’s the trading fee for a MoonXBT perpetual contract?

    MoonXBT perpetual contracts charge the taker a 0.075% trading fee and the maker a 0.025% trading fee. The system classifies traders as market takers or market makers. Every executed order incurs a ...

  • MoonXBT-Support님이 에 문서를 만듦

    How to calculate the liquidation price for MoonXBT perpetual contracts?

    Liquidation occurs when the mark price hits the liquidation price. Liquidation Price (Margin type: Isolated Margin) Initial Margin Rate = 1/Leverage The Tiered Margin is the basis for the Maintenan...

  • MoonXBT-Support님이 에 문서를 만듦

    Liquid Contract Trading Competition to Share 80,000 USDT

    Dear MoonXBT Cryptonaut: Greetings!   To thank global users for their support and trust, MoonXBT will hold a "Liquid Contract Trading Competition" on September 19, 2022, and distribute 80,000 USDT ...

  • MoonXBT-Support님이 에 문서를 만듦

    Please pay attention: MoonXBT will remove XLM/USDT SPOT trading pair!

    Dear MoonXBT Cryptonaut: Greetings!   MoonXBT will remove the XLM/USDT spot trading pair at 09:00(UTC) on September 17, 2022. To avoid your losses, please stop trading before the pair is removed. T...